The 1965 Act at 50

1965ImmigrationActSigningPresident Lyndon B. Johnson signing the Hart-Celler Act, 3 October 1965, Liberty Island, NY, NY.
(Photo credit: LBJ Presidential Library/Yoichi Okamoto)

Next week marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the 1965 Immigration Act. By eliminating the discriminatory national-origins quota system, the Act created new opportunities for people from across the world to migrate to the United States. But it also restricted immigration from the Western Hemisphere for the first time, contributing to the subsequent growth of undocumented migration in the decades to come.

Understanding the 1965 Act and its consequences is essential to understanding the history of the United States during the last half century. A number of academic institutes and policy organizations have organized conferences to mark the anniversary, and examine the Act and its legacy. I’ve compiled a list of the events here, in case any of them are near you or available on the web via livestreaming.

Please let me know if there are other events I should add to the list.

Update: Thanks to Julie Greene for letting me know about the 12 November symposium at the University of Maryland. And thanks to Erika Lee for bringing the 29 September NIF program to my attention.

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