LatiNation,” Univision, a special with María Elena Salinas, 6 December 2016. Originally aired as “LatiNación: La Huella Hispana en Estados Unidos,” a Spanish-language national television special, 5 March 2016.


Inmigrantes pagan las consecuencias de la falta de acción por parte de los partidos,” Noticiero Univisión con Jorge Ramos & María Elena Salinas, 1 March 2016. (Spanish-language interview)

“Immigration Crisis and Reform,” talk/Q&A and interview excerpts, Miller Center, 23 January 2015.


Entrevista sobre migración, México, y mi trabajo como historiador, Taller Artefacto, 10 marzo 2014. El texto completo está disponible aquí. (Spanish-language interview about migration, Mexico, and my work as a historian. Complete text available here.)

Entrevista sobre migración, Canal 22, 20 septiembre 2013. (Spanish-language interview about migration on Mexican national television)


Border Patrols: Policing Immigration in America,” Backstory, 10 March 2017. (Podcast)

“Sanctuary Cities/Campuses and Trump’s Executive Orders on Immigration,” Bucknell: Occupied, WVBU 90.5, 2 February 2017. (Radio)

Interview about Mexican migration and my work & life in Los Angeles,” The ICW Blog, Huntington-USC Institute on California & The West, 26 February 2016.

Q & A: Border Conflict,” Penn Frontiers, December 2013.

Documents show depth of U.S. concern over Mexico violence,” The Dallas Morning News, 9 November 2013.

Obama quiere que los universitarios crucen la frontera,” El Pais, 17 May 2013. (“Obama wants university students to cross the border”)

Dream Act march draws Penn students, Philadelphia residents,” The Daily Pennsylvanian, 20 October 2011.

University enrolls illegal immigrants,” The Daily Pennsylvanian, 15 October 2010. 


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